Stuudio sünnipäev!

Dear friends, our lovely studio is celebrating its 5th birthday in June!!!!! ❤️ Of course, we would like to celebrate this amazing event with you 😊
Save the date – 30th June (Saturday) , 14.00 in Kadriorg (exact location will be posted later ) we are going to have a stretching + partneracro session , followed by a picnic and photosession. Each girl will be able to do one trick or combo on the pole and get 1 photo.
The event is free for all the participants! 🤗😍🙃
You are welcome to bring something for the picnic 😋

Uued kursused kevadel!

Avame kaks gruppi õhtul täiesti algakjatele, kus õpime erinevaid postitantsu trikke ning arendame keha vastupidavust ja koordinatsiooni!

Grupp 1 – T ja N kell 17.30 (perioodil 10.05 – 5.06)
Grupp 2 – T ja P kell 19.40 (perioodil 8.05 – 3.06)
Kokku 8 trenni!


Kursuse hind 50€
Kursuse lõpus teeme teiega meie stuudios tasuta FOTOSESSIOONI, et oma arendamist ja keha ilu nautida! ♥ Continue reading “Uued kursused kevadel!”